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People Strategy:

     Approach to People Strategy


  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Management


The fundamentals of people strategy—leadership, culture, talent, reskilling, and HR make companies stronger, more agile, more innovative, and more responsive. We help companies elevate their most important asset: their people.

Our People Strategy Services include Performance Management, Productivity based meritocracy approach.

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Business Design:

  Approach to Business Design

Market Research —> Target Market —> Target Addressable Market —> PMF —-> GTM —-> Scale


Our step-by-step approach to Business

Design for an organization

  • The shape of the business

Define the goal and the levers to achieve it.

  • Product - market CHECK

Collaborate with customers to find what's working and what's not through customer reports, industry benchmarks, cohort studies etc.

  • Insight to Action

Prioritise tasks with the company’s capabilities/objectives.

  • OKRs

Build weekly /Monthly/Quarterly cadence.

  • Team Structure

tracking mechanism

Create the Right org structure with defined goals at the right HC/cost

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Org Design

Approach to org design

Organization design” involves the creation of roles, processes and structures to ensure that the organization’s goals can be realized.

  • Teams Capabilities

Are team capabilities aligned with the goal?

  • Talent Pool

Do you have the right talent/resource?

  • Structure

Do you have the right team structure with well-defined Objectives?

  • Systems

Are there enough systems/processes to have efficient execution?
As an org, we deep dive into the business and its org structure to understand problem statements if any. Based on the problem statement we spend time with Business leaders to solve it. We build the org design and present it to the core team, and help in transition if required.

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Operational Excellence

  •  Define SOPs

Define SOPs for operational excellence with relevant inputs, and processes for relentless Execution

  • Design for Scale

Create a playbook after stitching all relevant action points to fit the company’s objective

  • Ops Org Structure and Leadership  

Define ops structure with relevant objectives that can set up the org for the scale

  • People Engine

Right supply for the business to optimize for Growth, cost, speed, reliability and scale


  • Sales Enablement 

Processes and Productivity Tracks

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International Strategy

  • Market Research (Selection and Expansion)

Based on the company’s objective, align International Market. Do proper in-depth consumer, Provider Research and finalise the geography


  • ​​GTM Strategy

Create a GTM strategy for the target addressable Market with both short-term and long-term plans

  • Competitor Analysis for International Market

Create a SWOT analysis for a few competitors to understand the situation and then act accordingly.

  • International Financials

Define the right benchmarks for the business and create a financial plan for the next 2-3 years.

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Financial Strategy

  • Budgeting

Budgets are typically forward-looking in nature. Income is based on projections and estimates for the periods they cover, as are expenses. For this reason, organisations often create both short- (monthly or quarterly) and long-term (annual) budgets. The more realistic the budget is better is to take operational decisions.

  •  Monthly MIS

Track revenue and expenses on a monthly level.


  •  Weekly Tracks

Create a weekly track to avoid any last-minute surprises.


  •  Finance Business Partner Set up

To make sure Finance is working hand to hand with Business. This increases overall efficiency.

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Funding Readiness


  • Financial Forecasting

Collaborate with founders to create a future financial performance based on historical data, market trends, and other relevant factors. It's an essential aspect of financial planning for businesses

  • Term sheet, SHA, Due diligence

Handhold founders throughout the fundraising process including Term Sheet, SHA, and Due diligence.

  •  Business Planning

Collaborate with businesses to create detailed Business Plans covering operational, strategic and tactical aspects.


  •  Investment Decks

Collaborate with Founders to showcase their business idea and persuade investors to invest in their venture. We create well-designed, concise, and compelling decks to grab the attention of potential investors and make a strong case for investment opportunities.





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